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We wanted to create an opportunity for every learner to understand the process at their own pace and in their own learning style. The Workshop is a 2hr general overview with insight provided by a professional panel available annually in APRIL. Homebuyers at any stage are encouraged to attend. The  BootCamp is an annual in-depth 4-week training where we stretch out the process and take a real look inside. Homebuyers who are ready to purchase within 3 months are encouraged to take this as the course is catered to the students present. The Course is a crash course jam-packed with all of the lessons from The Bootcamp and The Workshops combined with added support from housing counselors year-round. This option is ideal for homebuyers who are eager to learn or are already in their process and can't wait for the next BootCamp

The Workshop

The Empress Initiative will host our annual first-time homebuyer workshop at the CREAM Academy FinLit Conference

The BootCamp

June is homeownership month! The Empress Initiative utilizes this as an opportunity to fully update and inform the masses


The Course

First Time Homebuyers don't have to wait for our workshop or bootcamp. They can go at their own pace by taking the course