Queen Candace

Houseling Counselor

Queen Candace is a Money Management Strategist™️. She's from Brooklyn, NY, and has a Bachelors in Psychology. She used her knowledge of psychology, mental health diagnosis, financial research along with trial and error to clear her debt. Not only that but within the same year of paying off the rest of her debt, she also purchased her first home at the age of 26

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Jasmine Allen

Credit Specialist

Jasmine is the owner and CEO of Credit Fix Agency which provides access to FREE credit education and a FREE DIY credit repair solution. Jasmine, served in the banking and credit card sector servicing debt collection accounts

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Colette Woods

Certified Tax Strategist

Her expertise is in small business tax for new business owners/entrepreneurs, side-giggers, and individuals in need of help with past year tax delinquencies. Colette currently sits on the board of Directors for the National Association of Tax Professionals