"Homeownership made simple"

Can you do it alone? Absolutely! Should you do it alone? Probably not. Almost 85% of first time homeowners regret not having additional information, resources, support, and access to funds set aside for them. At the Empress Initiative we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with any information in the real estate world we know can and will help our clients get ahead


Our Approach

The homebuyer process actually starts 6-12 months before you even hit the bank doors and apply for a pre-qualification. This boot camp is designed to give you all of the knowledge you need for the process before the process. You can also utilize it after you've prequalified. We'll go over what you should consider before, during, and even after purchasing your first property​

House Hunt


The homeownership doesn't begin and end with the buying process. On the contrary, most first time homebuyer are experiencing homeownership for the first time and often times on their own. In order to keep homebuyers in their homes support and guidance is needed. That's where the Empress Initiative steps in

Commitment to Clients

Unlike a lot of workshops and programs we beleive that a 2 hour workshop just isn't enough. We dedicated 4 weeks in June every year to walk homebuyers and homeowners through updated information in the real estate field bootcamp style! While througout the year clients have access to the information and guidance from our housing counselors