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Our Approach

First Time Homebuyer Workshops Aren't Enough

The homebuyer process actually starts 6-12 months before you even hit the bank doors and apply for a pre-qualification. This boot camp is designed to give you all of the knowledge you need for the process before the process. You can also utilize it after you've prequalified. We'll go over what you should consider before, during, and even after purchasing your first property​

Our Services & Programs

The homebuying process is only the first step in the homeownership process. We guide you through the initial process and keep supporting you as your homeownership hub


First Time Homebuyer

A lot of the time first-time homebuyer workshops glaze over topics and don't go fully in-depth due to limited time. This boot camp is designed to SLOW IT DOWN. It includes workshops like a real example of a closing disclosure (CD) so you understand everything you're signing up before you sign on the dotted line. Not sure if you can afford the house you want to put an offer on? We'll go over scenarios and simulations of how you can afford the house along with grants & assistance programs


You're a homeowner now what? Many first-time homebuyers are the first to do it in their family or the first in quite a few generations. There's a lot that happens on the other end of the homebuyer process. Allow us to be a resource for you and share our knowledge and credible resources with you. For example, how to financially recover after such a big purchase, explain equity and the different options to utilizing it, how to tackle this huge debt, and leverage it 




"Hello! I took [the] FREE homebuyers workshop class and it was amazing! She has such a wealth of info plus partnered with so many amazing professionals. I loved it! She's not only an amazing financial planner/advisor but she is so affordable! I just booked a consultation! Thank you Queen!"

"Queen Candace is an amazing young woman who is truly making an impact in the community of finance. Her platform provides education, tools, workshops to get you where you need to be. I just attended Homebuying workshop and the panelist were nothing short of AMAZING!!!! Lots of gems. Can’t wait to get my pre-order of the homebuying guide/workbook she has to offer and apply the knowledge shared from the panelist during my process! Keep it up Queen Candace. Glad you are part of my network!!!"

"I consider this service to be a God send. As a black woman, it is important to me to support Black businesses and find advice and knowledge for those who look like me. I attended my first workshop this past weekend and I was super impressed by the wealth of knowledge all participants have. The founder, Candace, is a very cheery and upbeat spirit. She is not just a woman of words, but a woman of action, which is much needed in many business professionals. She is consistent in the services she provides and constantly provides ways to connect with her and other members of the organization. 5 out of 5 baby!"

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